Decorative cosmetics

Because no other industry is as dynamic or susceptible to external influences as the cosmetics industry, producers of decorative cosmetics have to stay up to date on the latest product trends. Celebrities and successful bloggers can reach millions of people, and so it follows that these personalities are industry influencers with their make-ups of choice becoming absolute trendsetters. But cosmetics are available in every price category, from discount to high-end, and the same goes for the variety of agents used in these products.

Experts leave nothing to chance

The demands placed on cosmetic products vary from consumer to consumer. Does my lipstick need to be kiss-proof? Does my powder need to harmonize with my sensitive skin? What level of opacity does my nail polish require? Is my foundation easy to apply? Will my make-up hold when I’m doing sport? Brenntag offers a multifaceted range of various agents to meet the consumer’s every expectation.

Because decorative cosmetics usually land in make-up stations and bathroom stations in very small quantities, sophisticated, highly nuanced and balanced formulas are a must. Brenntag has a wide assortment of raw materials and offers numerous services for the production of decorative cosmetics.

„The flawless beauty we see in the magazines and media these days has made us all perfectionists. If you want to look good, you need the perfect make-up, long and beautiful eyelashes and the perfect styling. Decorative cosmetics are indispensable in women’s everyday lives, and increasingly in men’s everyday lives as well. The cosmetics team at Brenntag would be happy to help you select the right raw materials for your decorative cosmetic projects.”

Patrick Koch, Business Manager Pharma & Cosmetics DACH