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Beeswax is harvested from honeycombs of bees. It is molten, purified, separated and strained. White beeswax is bleached by diatomaceous earth and carbon and finally filtrated to provide a high-quality beeswax. Our high-quality beeswax fulfills the purity requirements of the european pharmacopoeia.

It has a pleasant, honey-like odor and is supplied in pellet form.


Beeswax can be used in sticks, creams, lotions, sun care products, make-up and hair care. In stick formulations it improves the structure, firmness and oil retention as well as the firmness and adhesion properties of the product. It also facilitates mould release. In emulsions it acts as a viscosifying and stabilizing agent, softens and smoothes the skin. Its occlusive properties are advantageous in barrier creams and color cosmetics.

Congealing Point61-65 °CISO 2207
Drop Point61-65 °CDAB 10
Penetration at 25 °C1,8-3,0 mmDIN 51579
Acid Value17-22 mg KOH/gDAB 10
Saponfication Value87-102 mg KOH/gDAB 10
Ester Value72-79DAB 10
Colour (Beeswax white)bleached white/pale yellowvisual
Colour (Beeswax yellow)yellow/orangevisual
Density at 20 °C0,98 g/ml/


20 kg carton


Stable for 36 months in original packaging when stored below 30°C and protected against humidity.


The following data is available on request:

  • Specification
  • Material safety data sheet
  • Certificate of Analysis (supplied with goods or sample)
  • Product Documentation


Antioxidant Neck Serum (PDF, 130 KB)

NoQuat Conditioner (PDF, 174 KB)

Skin Temperature Regulation Balm (PDF, 701 KB)

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