Complexing agents

Contact with oxygen can reduce the effectiveness and stability of cosmetics, and can also cause discoloration. To prevent heavy-metal ions from oxidizing and salt from falling out of solution in products, complexing agents are used in skincare and hair products. These substances bind the metal ions and mask their undesired effects.

Also known as etidronate, etidronic acid is a bisphosphonate often used in its synthetic form as a complexing agent in the cosmetics industry. It is a popular antioxidant in products like hair dyes, shampoos and hair treatments because it prevents unwanted discoloration.

No metal-caused discoloration

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is another complexing agent. Better known simply as EDTA, this synthetic substance is used in products like body lotions and suntan lotions to prevent metal-caused discoloration in the products. We offer perfect solutions from trusted partners to stabilize your cosmetics products.

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