Bentone DE

BENTONE DE additive is a highly beneficiated, hyperdispersible powdered hectorite clay. A key advantage of BENTONE DE is the ability to make relatively high concentration pregels quickly and easily – up to 14% BENTONE DE – and still result in a pourable pregel. This clay based thickener is a suitable rheology modifier for various waterborne paints and coatings systems and especially for aqueous architectural coatings and spray applied industrial coatings. Key Applications: architectural paints • inks • maintenance coatings Key Properties: high concentration pregels simply paint manufacturer • low dispersion energy for complete activation • diminished post thickening • excellent pigment suspension • excellent sprayability • superior syneresis control • good splatter resistance

hectorite clay
CAS Number


2.5 g/cc
White, Powder (soft), Odourless

Uses and Applications

Key applications

  • Ink, toner and colourant
  • Coatings
  • Paint and Coatings


  • CASE & Construction