Quality Products

KleerBlue delivers quality. We believe in creating safe, durable products that offer the most value long-term. From the moment a product is conceptualized to engineering to manufacturing to shipping, our attention to detail is second to none. All our products meet ISO 22241 and PEI RP1100 standards. We manufacture here in the USA. And, before a product leaves our facilities, we ensure it’s flush and clean to avoid accidental contamination. KleerBlue offers the industry’s widest offering of DEF dispensing and storage systems. Thanks to our quality products, KleerBlue is here to stay.

Proven Expertise

KleerBlue has the most in-house expertise in the industry. That expertise was recognized early on when we were asked to be part of the original committee to help establish PEI (Petroleum Equipment Industry) recommended practices and standards for the storage and dispensing of DEF. Through MEI we have a 60 year history handling urea, a main component of DEF. We have a full in-house engineering and PLC programming team. And, have years of PEI experience in engineering, manufacturing, construction, installation, distribution and service. KleerBlue not only understands the liquid and product, we know the business as well.

Customer-First Approach

KleerBlue believes in making the customer central in all we do. We stand behind our products. If we don’t deliver what we promise, we will make it right. We offer fair margins. We don’t want to give our customers the cheapest products, we want to deliver quality and long-term value. Do we not have what you need? Thanks to our in-house engineering team, we can do custom products to help meet your needs.

For more information on the product offering and downloadable marketing brochures can be found at www.kleerbluesolutions.com.

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