How does Diesel Exhaust Fluid Differ from Diesel Fuel?

After being introduced to North America in 2009, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is the second most consumed fluid today on a truck after diesel fuel.

It’s common for consumers to assume production,handling, delivery, and pricing of DEF is similar todiesel fuel. Although both products are consumedby diesel equipment, DEF and diesel fuel are significantly different products. They share few similarities when it comes to manufacturing, sales, transport, storage, and usage.

Product Sourcing

We’ll explore the similarities and differences of production, wholesale distribution, and terminal structure. From the beginning stages of production, you'll begin to see DEF and diesel fuel have little in common.

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Delivery To Customer

Both products are typically (but not always) delivered to customers by tank trucks. While this is a similarity, it is the only one in regards to delivery to the customer.

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Pricing is one of the biggest differences between DEF and diesel fuel. Between the two products, pricing is completely disconnected and fluctuates independently from one another.

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The "Diesel Exhaust Fluid, it's NOT Diesel Fuel" whitepaper clears up the common misconceptions comparing DEF and diesel fuel.
More importantly, we’ll outline the evolution of DEF including differences in product sourcing, delivery, and pricing in more detail.

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