Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is a non-toxic, high purity solution comprised of 32.5% urea and 67.5% de-ionized water. Using this fluid in diesel-powered vehicles (such as trucks, buses, and tractors) helps to reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emitted into the air by 90%. DEF is not a fuel additive and must be filled into the dedicated Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank on your diesel vehicle.

We have been providing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) solutions to customers, distributors, and dealerships in the North American trucking market since 2009. With over 1,000,000 million gallons of bulk API certified Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) storage across North America, we're ready to meet your needs!

Our DEF is API Certified

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the only national trade organization that certifies the quality of DEF to international standards and licenses manufacturers who consistently meet these standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

The API Diesel Exhaust Fluid Certification Program is a voluntary program designed to certify and monitor DEF quality. API issues a seal to those manufacturers who are committed to quality and meet specific performance requirements. UltraPure® DEF is certified by API and proudly displays their seal on our packaging.

What this means to our customers:

  • Provides rigorous monitoring of fluids in the marketplace
  • Identifies brands meeting diesel engine manufacturer requirements
  • Helps consumers easily recognize those brands


We offer high-quality UltraPure® Diesel Exhaust Fluid in a variety of packaging sizes, including 2.5 Gallon Jugs, 55 Gallon Drums, 330 Gallon Totes, mini-bulk, and bulk. Not sure what package size fits your needs? Check out the DEF Consumption Calculator today!

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Jugs

2.5 Gallon JUGS

55 Gallon DRUMS

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tote

330 Gallon TOTES



From the beginning, we partnered with elite equipment manufacturers to assist in offering Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment solutions to meet your specific needs. A variety of equipment options are available for retail, commercial, and fleets.


Equipment solutions can be costly when investing in a system that can grow with your company’s demand. We offer financing options to make the purchase of long-lasting equipment solutions more affordable. We're here to help you select the right equipment solution to fit your company’s requirements!


Headquartered in Duluth, GA

Blue1USA is a fully integrated manufacturer and distributor of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing systems for use by commercial fleets, retail establishments, government entities and off-road customers. Blue1USA has been in the forefront of the DEF industry since 2008.

A spinoff of the highly respected petroleum equipment company EZ Fuel & Tank Solutions, the Blue1USA team brings years of experience and expertise to their relationships with distributor partners and key national accounts. Blue1USA has been able to deliver thousands of high quality, reliable DEF handling systems to a wide range of customers. Constant innovation, listening to customers and providing excellent overall value have been the benchmarks of the organization since its inception.

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Headquartered in Arcadia, IN

Dura Products is an Indiana based manufacturer of state-of-the-art metering, pumping and dispensing systems. All products are manufactured right here in America’s heartland and are sold under the company’s flagship Dura brand. Founded by owners with decades of knowledge in farming and the chemical sales industry, Dura Products prides itself on innovative, versatile and durable designs with the end customer always in mind.

Today, Dura Products are distributed throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. Farmers, as well as Agricultural and DEF retailers, trust Dura Products to deliver innovation, quality design, and reliable performance. Whether it is the robust Lexan faceplate that is impact resistant and waterproof on our Dura-Meter, our premium high-flow Dura-Pump or our ISO compliant DEF Easy Caddy dispensing system, we are confident that once you use a Dura Product you will never settle for second best.

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Headquartered in Evansville, IN

KleerBlue was formed in 2009 as a 50/50 joint venture between Separation By Design, Inc. (SBD) and Murray Equipment, Inc. (MEI). Both companies having customers anticipating Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) storage, dispensing, and blending challenges, decided to combine their engineering and systems knowledge to tackle the challenges of the emerging DEF market.SBD brought over 45 years of combined experience in the oil and gas industry. They specialize in engineering and building environmentally friendly piping, blending, storage, and dispensing systems. SBD is continually the choice of Fortune 100 and small businesses alike.

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Headquartered in Charlotte, NC

In late 2007, SPATCO Energy Solutions began engineering and producing a line of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) dispensing and storage systems that addressed the EPA’s mandates to reduce NOx emissions.

Today, SPATCO DEF is recognized as the leading manufacturer of DEF dispensing equipment and storage solutions, and we have partnered with leading DEF fluid suppliers across the country. We are the industry experts in reliable, scalable solutions that will optimize your operations and investment.

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Headquartered in Humble, TX

TECALEMIT is an industrial equipment manufacturer and an industry leader with a great technology soul. We love to tinker with new ideas and concepts, making the best fluid transfer systems, automated inventory management systems, DEF pumps, and dispensers, flow meters, DEF PRO All In One mini-bulk tank systems just to name a few. Powered by an ever-evolving business model, proprietary technology, and a unique passionate team, we provide solutions for the Fuel, Oil/Lube, Chemical, and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) segments. By giving our customers not only more choices but better fluid thinking choices, we are rewriting the rules.

The wide range of devices, system components, and systems we offer are configured to form customized system solutions using state-of-the-art technology and intelligent design techniques. Through the co-operation of production capacities, manufacturing technology, quality management and quality control we produce products that exceed the highest expectations. Welcome to the new experience, welcome to TECALEMIT Inc.

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Read about real-life experiences using Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) from companies like yours in the industry. Learn what works best and what you should avoid!


While deciding between a closed or open system for your DEF, it's important to know the facts and be aware of what potential issues could arise.


  • Particle contamination is a leading cause of DEF issues.
  • The most common cause of particle contamination is when the customer removes the cap or fills in a non-closed system.
  • If the particulates make it into the trucks SCR system, a small filter in front of the doser will clog causing the truck to go into fault mode.
  • 1-micron filters are used in Brenntag's system when we unload a tanker/rail car into our tanks when we fill totes or our tanker, AND when we pump off into the customer's tank.
  • Particle contamination from the customer's tote or tank can block the 1-micron filter on the dispensing system causing the system to pump slow.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Markets


In 2010, the EPA mandated that all diesel-powered vehicles must reduce their release of NOx emissions. The on-road sector was the first to be effected, which required all on-road vehicles manufactured beginning in 2010 must be equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) or Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system.


In 2008, the EPA implemented a new tier 4 emissions standard to reduce off-road diesel engine emission which successfully concluded in 2015. The new standard applies to all off-road diesel engines used in a wide range of construction, agricultural, and industrial equipment. Nitrogen (NOx) emission levels are said to be decreased by more than 90 percent.


In 2008, the EPA finalized the program to reduce diesel locomotive emissions where any locomotive engine manufactured in 2015 and later must comply with the new exhaust aftertreatment technology. Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is used to reduce nitrogen (NOx) emissions, which are said to decrease as much as 80 percent.


The EPA regulations to reduce NOx emissions on all diesel powered engines also applies to newly manufactured marine equipment, as well as vessels that are remanufactured by their owners or operators. All vessels with 600 KW (804 HP) and above are phased in with the 2014 EPA Emissions Standards requiring vehicles to incorporate an exhaust aftertreatment technology.

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