Welcome to Brenntag Northeast

We continue to strive toward improvements and bring the latest technology and logistics to our distribution system, thereby assuring the customer gets the right product, on time, every time. Our future is molded in our partnering relationships both with our customers and suppliers alike.

Providing the capabilities you need

Our customers are the most important part of our business. We strive to bring the latest technology, capabilities, and logistics to our distribution system, thereby assuring we meet each customer's unique requirements. Some of these capabilities include:

  • safety first
  • hub and spoke system
  • third party deliveries
  • blending
  • repackaging
  • company owned and operate fleet with trained drivers
  • focused industries including Oil and Gas, Water, Food, CARE, ACES, and BFFI
  • technical resources
  • personalized customer service
  • labs and sophisticated equipment

Safety is our priority

Safety is our #1 difference maker in Brenntag Northeast. We are dedicated to providing chemical raw materials to ensure the highest level of safety and lowest amount of risk, for the protection of our employees, our communities and our customers.

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Meeting customer quality expectations

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Testing chemicals to keep you safe

Lab EquipmentTypeCapabilities
Perkin Elmer Clarus 500Gas chromatograph (2)Solvents, Blends, Identifications of Solvents
Perkin Elmer Optima 210 DVICP (Inductive Coupled Plasma Spectrometer)Metal analysis in acid,bases, solvents - ppb, ppm, %
Perkin Elmer Spectrum OneFT-IR Infrared SpectrometersIdentification of solvents
Mettler Toledo C30 CoulometricKarl Fischer moisture titratorWater content
Milton Roy Spectronic 601UV - Visible spectrometerVarious methods ie sulfate, phosphorous
Anton Paar DMA 4500Density MeterDensity, Specific Gravity, H2O2 assay, etc
Mettler Toledo RM 50 RefractometerRefractive Index MeterRefractive index
Orion Research EA 920pH Meter, Specific Ion MeterpH
Hach 2100N TurbidimeterTurbidity MeterTurbidity in water, chlorides in solvents
Fisher ScientificConductivity MeterConductivity
Isotemp 3006DIsotemp Water Bath 
Thermolyne 1300Furnace 
Lab-Line Imperial VOven 
Precisa 240A and 404ABalances (3) 
Pensky MartinsCC Flash Point TesterFlash Point
TagCC Flash Point TesterFlash Point
 Titrations - Acid Bases, Bleach, etcAssay, Acid, Base, Bleach, KB Value etc.
 Gravimetric AnalysisTotal solids, NVM, ASH, residue on evaporation
 Air Velocity MeterAir Flow

Qualifications to guarantee your satisfaction

At Brenntag, we believe it is important to obtain the necessary qualifications to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers. Our qualifications include:

  • sustainable
  • DHS
  • OSHA
  • EPA (pesticides) and EDSP (compliance for EPA)
  • DEA (domestic and importing permit)
Brenntag Northeast Headquarters81 W. Huller Lane
Reading, PA 19605
Sales(610) 926-4151
Customer Service(888) 926-4151
Reading DistrictCentral/Eastern PA, NJ, MD, DE, Long Island/Metro/Southern NYSales(610) 926-4151
Customer Service(888) 926-4151
Pittsburgh DistrictWestern PA, Western NY, Northeast OH, Northern WVSales(800) 515-2820
Customer Service(412) 828-2820
New England DistrictMA, CT, RI, VT, NH, MESales(732) 846-6354
Customer Service(774) 450-0610


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Coatings & Construction

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Are you looking for information on Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)? Reach out to our DEF team to get answers to your questions.

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Food & Nutrition

Are you looking for information on Food & Nutrition? Talk to a food team member now.

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Water Treatment

Are you looking for information on Water Treatment? Speak to a member of our water team today!

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