Why Brenntag

Our experience distributing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) began over 15 years ago in Europe with the introduction of AdBlue®. In 2008, Brenntag North America joined the market when we announced the availability of DEF for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) vehicles throughout our network of over 140 US and Canadian stocking locations. With our extensive operations network, we can successfully provide DEF to our customers in all regions of North America in a safe, timely manner.

To service and drive growth in the North American market, we developed a dedicated DEF business team. Our regional sales, marketing, customer service, and operations teams are highly specialized in Diesel Exhaust Fluid procedures.

Our combined market share in Europe and North America makes us the largest Diesel Exhaust Fluid distributor in the world.

Our commitment to our customers

We are committed to safely and efficiently supplying you with high quality UltraPure® Diesel Exhaust Fluid. To accomplish this goal, we’ve taken comprehensive actions to build the most expansive and reliable DEF network in the industry.

We receive rail car deliveries at our larger facilities and have capabilities to store one million gallons of DEF on-site in bulk tank storage units. Our company owned and operated fleet of over 500 vehicles and dedicated DEF tanker trucks ensures that product is delivered on-time to your locations.

This infrastructure allows us to deliver product in bulk quantities and pass the savings to our customers. We will consistently perform, to the best of our abilities, to meet and exceed all of your DEF needs.

Delivered safely every time

It is our responsibility and privilege to provide intense customer orientation and to take care of customers and their business interests by providing: