Brenntag takes appropriate measures to ensure the proper handling of our products while they are under the Group’s stewardship. This includes procurement, packaging, classification and labelling, handling, storage and safe transportation as well as the creation of product dossiers and safety instructions as well as disposal, where necessary.

Brenntag is bound by currently applicable standards and regulations and also closely cooperates with the industry’s national and regional umbrella associations which our country subsidiaries belong to. Brenntag is one of the companies that have participated for many years on a voluntary basis in the “Responsible Care & Responsible Distribution” Program.

We want to be your partner in this crucial process

We focus on product stewardship first and foremost in everything we do. Our Job 7 Commitment emphasizes our responsibility and privilege to take care of our customers and their business interests by providing the:

Job 7 Commitment

As this is an ongoing process, our customers should expect no less than our very best as we conduct business together, now and in the future.