Was ist Dipropylene Glycol

Dipropylene glycol is a clear, colourless, viscous liquid with a characteristic odour and the formula C6H14O3. It is fully miscible in water and is also miscible with many organic solvents. This solvency, combined with low toxicity and a low evaporation rate, makes DPG a chemical which is a very useful reactive intermediate in a range of industries.

  • INCI: Dipropylene Glycol
  • Chemische Formel: C6H14O3
  • CAS Nummer: 25265-71-8



Chemische Formel C6H14O3
CAS Nummer 25265-71-8
Molgewicht 134,173 g/mol
Dichte 1.023
Schmelzpunkt -32℃
Siedepunkt 230,5 °C
Flammpunkt ‎121 °C

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