Industry relies on the vast benefits that solvent chemistries bring to many applications and market sectors. But as customers are becoming increasingly aware of the ongoing climate crisis and the subsequent need for sustainability, formulators are seeking low-emission alternatives to traditional, crude-based products.

Through legislation such as the Solvents Emissions Directive, REACH, and the Coatings Directive, industry has already moved many applications to higher boiling or lower toxicity products, significantly reducing the hazards involved, and the level of emissions released. However, for many applications, solvency power and volatility are key to their effectiveness.

We know that there is no all-encompassing quick fix, but we remain committed to helping customers find solutions. With Step4Change, we’re proud to introduce a range of products that allows our customers to take a step in the right direction, either through enhanced ecological profiles, or a reduced carbon footprint.

CO₂ compensated products

  • Proven performance
  • Guaranteed CO₂ compensation
  • Improved environmental and health profile
Combatting the climate crisis

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Range of CO2 compensated products

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