North America

Brenntag is one of the market leaders in North America. With above 195 distribution centres, we operate in all major industrial areas in the USA. More than 5,100 employees ensure that our customers in the region have all the products and services they need.

in EUR m20192018
Operating gross profit1,216.81,118.3
Operating EBITDA474.8409.6


Brenntag is the number one chemical distributor in EMEA. The region operates a dense network of more than 225 distribution centres. From these locations, our workforce of more than 7,100 employees provides the Brenntag customers with the chemicals and services they need.

in EUR m20192018
Operating gross profit1,141.61,141.2
Operating EBITDA406.3385.5

Latin America

In Latin America, Brenntag is the only large trans-regional chemical distributor which covers the whole continent with its broad portfolio of chemical products and services. Our customers are served by more than 1,600 employees from about 60 locations in the 19 most important Latin American countries.

in EUR m20192018
Operating gross profit177.0163.1
Operating EBITDA55.939.9

Asia Pacific

Brenntag entered the Asia Pacific markets in 2008 and continuously expanded this network with several acquisitions over the years. Today we have established over 100 locations in 17 countries and a workforce of more than 2,400 employees which provides all our customers in this region with chemical products and services.

in EUR m20192018
Operating gross profit266.8224.2
Operating EBITDA101.177.9