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To deliver industry expertise and handle your needs more easily, we are transitioning into a new dedicated customer and supplier focused organization. Our organization will have a coherent and transparent structure across North America.

The markets are structured into three segments: Life Science, Material Science, Environmental.

The three segments bundle different industries to ideally match your specific needs and allow easier and faster access to our full line of ingredients, industrial and specialty chemicals, along with a broad array of services.

Our product portfolio, consisting of more than 10,000 products, includes ingredients and chemical products which can found in one of these three segments.

From producing food that serves as a vital source of nutrition and energy to manufacturing pharmaceuticals that cure illnesses and keep us in good health, companies in the life science industry manufacture products and provide services that are of fundamental significance to modern society..

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From polymers and lubricants to coatings and cleaning solutions, the tools and machines that power modern society and have a major effect on all aspects of our daily lives rely on pivotal components and finishing touches to get their job done right.

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Brenntag Environment is the partner of choice for customers and suppliers in the chemical industry. Our staff at Brenntag Environmental is committed to adding value to our customers and suppliers, regardless of the business challenge or application at hand.

We aim to fulfill all requirements by offering innovative and sustainable solutions, the widest range of products and the most sophistacted technical expertise in the market.

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Brenntag Canada has established a unique Specialties Group within the organization dedicated to the distribution of a diverse portfolio of specialty products to a broad range of industries across Canada.

Our core business in this area serves the coatings, inks, adhesives, rubber, plastics, construction, and lubrication industries, with an emphasis on product quality, performance and value. The superior value that we are able to offer clients and suppliers is achieved by highly developed technical selling skills, superior distribution capabilities and marketing expertise in these chosen markets.

The dedicated sales force is supported by highly specialized product managers and professional customer service representatives knowledgeable in the specialty markets.