Dextrol OC 50 Phosphate Ester Surfactant

For Waterbone Architectural Coatings, Colorants, and Emulsion Polymerization

Dextrol OC 50 surfactant is the neutralized (sodium salt) form of a nonylphenol ethoxylated phosphate ester. It is designed to impart improved gloss and color acceptance in waterborne latex paints. Depending on the formulation specifics, Dextrol OC 50 surfactant can also function as a supplemental dispersant to assist in reduction of pigment flocculation.

In addition to use in latex paint, Dextrol OC 50 surfactant provides benefits in universal colorants, to help disperse and stabilize the pigments, thereby enhancing color acceptance for water based paints tinted at point-of-sale.

Dextrol OC 50 surfactant is an effective emulsifier in emulsion polymerization. It provides the finished latex with low oagulum and improved handling and storage stability.


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Typical Properties

Chemical TypePhosphate Ester (anionic)
AppearanceClear liquid
Active solids, weight %90 + 2%
Moles of EO6
Gardener Color2 maximum
Viscosity(b), as supplied (cps or mPas)4,000-8,000
Density, g/mL1.10
Density, lb/gal9.2
pH, 10% aqueous solution5.3-5.7
Flash point(c)>300 degrees F (149 degrees C)

(a) Values are typical properties and are not to be regarded as product specifications
(b) Brookfield RVT viscosity at 25 degrees C (77 degrees F), spindle #5 at 30 rpm
(c) Tag closed cup

Product Benefits

  • Increases gloss
  • Enhances color properties
  • Excellent wetting and dispersion of pigments
  • Improved substrate wetting
  • Low water sensitivity
  • Flash rust inhibition
  • May improve open time and block resistance

Recommended Use Levels

  • In flat, semi-gloss and gloss paints, 2-4 pounds of Dextrol OC 50 surfactant per 100 gallons (0.2-0.4%) of finished paint are recommended.
  • In universal colorants, 5-10% by weight of Dextrol OC 50 surfactant is recommended on pigment.
  • In emulsion polymerization, Dextrol OC 50 surfactant is typically used at 1.5-3% by weight on total monomers.

Chemical Inventories

All components of Dextrol OC 50 surfactant are listed on TSCA chemical inventory (USA).

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Dextrol OC 50 surfactant is formulated as solvent-free. As such, the VOC content of this product should be nondetectable using the standard U.S. EPA Reference Method 24.