Aquaflow XLS 525 Nonionic Synthetic Associative Thickener

For low shear (KU) viscosity build in low VOC waterborne paints and coatings

Aquaflow XLS 525 rheology modifier is a solvent-free nonionic synthetic associative thickener (NSAT) designed for waterborne paints and coatings. It is effective with most latex systems.

Aquaflow XLS 525 NSAT provides an exceptional balance of leveling and sag resistance when used in combination with a high shear effective NSAT(ICI driver). The optimized rheology modifier package will deliver superior leveling and sag resistance resulting in virtually drip-free application.

Aquaflow XLS 525 rheology modifier significantly improves viscosity retention on tinting compared to conventional NSAT thickeners. Stormer KU loss on tinting is minimized, and final KU values at the point of sale are generally more consistent regardless of colorant or depth of tint.


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Download: Aquaflow XLS 525 PDS (PDF, 88 KB)

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Typical Properties

Chemical TypeHydrophobically modified polyether (HMPE)
AppearanceClear, light amber liquid
Active solids, weight %20 nominal
Total solids, weight %33.6 nominal
Viscosity(b), as supplied, mPas (cps)<2,000
Density, lb/gal, g/mL8.63, 1.04
pH, as supplied6-8

(a) Values are typical properties and are not to be regarded as product specifications.
(b) Brookfield LV readings at 25 degrees C.

Product Benefits

  • Solvent free
  • Excellent leveling
  • Superior sag resistance and film build
  • Exceptional viscosity retention on tinting
  • Low as shipped viscosity for handling ease
  • Drip resistant rheology
  • Excellent gloss development
  • Excellent spatter resistance
  • pH insensitive
  • BioStable


Aquaflow XLS 525 rheology modifier has been optimized for utility in virtually vinyl acrylic, acrylic and styrene acrylic formulations for tint and neutral bases. For 100% acrylic resin systems, Aquaflow XLS 500 NSAT is also recommended. All Aquaflow XLS series rhology modifiers have been shown to be extremely effective when used in conjuction with a high shear effective NAT thickener such as Aquaflow NHS 300 NSAT for efficient ICI viscosity build; however, excellent compatibility has been demonstrated with virtually all categories of synthetic associative thickeners and cellulose ethers.


It is recommended that Aquaflow XLS 525 rheology modifier be incorporated into the paint formulation before the addition of the latex.

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

Aquaflow XLS 525 rheology modifier is formulated as solvent free. As such, this product will have negligible contribution to the VOC content of formulated paints and coatings as determined by USA EPA reference method 24.

Packing and Storage

Aquaflow XLS 525 NSAT is supplied in plastic drums of 200 kilos net or in totes of 1050 kilos net. It is recommended to use the product in rotation on a first-in-first-out basis. The product should be stored under dry and clean conditions at room temperature in its original packing away from heat.