Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (pcc)

Albacar" 5970 precipitated calcium carbonate (pcc) has a unique rosette (scalenohedral) particle shape. This rosette structure makes ALBACAR '5970 pcc useful in applications where a high oil absorption and high viscosity are desired.

Albacar 5970 pcc is produced at Adams, MA under controlled conditions to yield a pigment of high purity, with an arrow particle size distribution.

Albacar 5970 pcc can be used as a filler in plastics, rubber, paints, adhesives, sealants, and caulks. lt is also useful as a filler and a coating pigment in paper.


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Download: Albacar 5970 PDS (PDF, 106 KB)

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Typical Properties

Particle ShapeRosette
Median Particle Size (micrones)1.9
+325 Mesh Residue, (weight percent)0.03
Specific Gravity2.7
Dry Brightness (Hunter Y, Rd Value)98
Bulk Density (pounds/ft), (grams/cc)14, 0.22
Tap Density (pounds/ftg), (grams/cc)31, 0.50
Oil Absorption (grams/100 grtaqms pigment)50

Chemical Composition (typical)

Calcium CarbonateCaCO398%
Magnesium CarbonateMgCo31%
Iron asFe2O30.06%
Moisture (% weight loss @ 110 degrees C)H2O0.2%

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