Safflower Oil High Oleic is a Refined Vegetable Oil obtained from the seed of the safflower hybrid plant (Carthamus tinctorius).

Seeds have been found in Egyptian tombs over 4,000 years old, and its use was recorded in China approximately 2,200 years ago. Safflower has many uses. In traditional Chinese medicine, safflower petals are regarded as a stimulant for blood circulation and phlegm reduction, the healing of fractures, contusions, and strains.

Safflower Oil High Oleic is high in unsaturated fatty acids. Fatty acids are necessary along with glycerol for the cell to function normally.

Safflower Oil High Oleic offers a high oleic acid. Among other effects, a high content of oleic acid will have a positive effect on oxidative stability with respect to safflower oil. This oil is suitable for all skin types.


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Appearance: Clear and bright yellow oily liquid
Acidity Index: <1.0 mg KOH/g oil
Peroxide Value: <5.0 meq O2/Kg oil
Specific Gravity: 0.910 - 0.918 g/ml

Fatty AcidComposition
Palmitic acid4 - 8 %
Stearic acid1 - 3 %
Oleic acid70 - 80 %
Linoleic acid12 - 16 %


Safflower Oil High Oleic may be applied directly to the skin and hair. It may also be easily incorporated as an active ingredient or an excellent carrier in skin and hair care products. Recommended dosage is between 3 and 10%.

Safflower Oil High Oleic is designed for all kinds of cosmetic products from rinse-off to leave-on, showing a great compatibility with all cosmetic ingredients.

Safflower Oil High Oleic can also be used directly as massage oil.


The Oil Stability Index (OSI) was determined using a Rancimat instrument. The rapidity of oxidation of an oil depends on the degree of unsaturation, the presence of antioxidants, and prior storage conditions. In the OSI analysis, the rate of oxidation is slow until resistance to oxidation is overcome. This time is known as the oxidation induction period and it is a tool to determine the useful life of the oil.

SAFFLOWER OIL HIGH OLEIC OSI: 22.56 hours (100 °C)

  • ISO 6886 (1996)
  • Animal and vegetable fats and oils
  • Determination of oxidation stability


  • Sample amount 2.5 ± 0.01 g
  • Temperature 100°C ± 0.2°C
  • Gas flow 20 L/h
  • Vessel: 50 mL distilled water
  • Evaluation Conductivity
  • Induction time (tangent method)

Blue: determination at 100 °C
Red: determination at 110 °C

INCI Name: Carthamus tinctorius hybrid (Hybrid Safflower) seed Oil.


Code 008285Specification N 00828503 
AppearanceYellow clear oil. 
Color, Lovibond Y/Rmax. 10/1 
Flavor & OdorBland 
Peroxides valuemax. 1 meq. O2/Kg 
Free fatty acid, oleic %max. 0.05 
Iodine value85 - 95 
Moisture, %max. 0.05 
Oleic Acid, % TFAmin. 75 
Refractive Index 25/48C1.468/1.461 

Keep full and well closed in a dry place and away from light.
This product is not winterized, turbidity can appear due to coldness, can be removed by heating up.