Life Science

From producing food that serves as a vital source of nutrition and energy to manufacturing pharmaceuticals that cure illnesses and keep us in good health, companies in the life science industry manufacture products and provide services that are of fundamental significance to modern society.

At Brenntag, we fully understand the importance of making sure these offerings are undertaken with the highest quality and most effective products on the market. Over the years, Brenntag Life Science has emerged as the ingredient industry’s number one partner when it comes to the distribution of products and services that have an indispensable impact on a company’s performance in the life science industry.

Life Science at Brenntag encompasses a variety of business units that offer our customers high-quality ingredients, tailor-made supply-chain solutions and an unrivaled degree of technical and market expertise.

Partnering with Brenntag Life Science means your company is aligned with a true industry leader, one with a presence throughout North America. We understand the importance of always staying one step ahead of the curve.

Our division at a glance

Brenntag is the distributor of choice for companies and suppliers in the ingredient industry. The Life Science division incorporates our renowned Food & Nutrition, Personal Care as well as Pharma business units.

Brenntag Life Science is supported by an experienced team of account representatives and technicians who consistently rank amongst the best in their field for expertise and professional service. We aim to create value for every customer and supplier, irrespective of the application or business challenge at hand. We are committed to fulfilling all of your requirements by offering the widest range of products and most innovative and sustainable solutions.


Food & Nutrition

Brenntag Food & Nutrition understands the importance of striking the right balance, from a product’s taste and texture to its appearance and shelf life.

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Personal Care

Personal Care

Brenntag Personal Care is comprised of a dedicated team committed to discovering innovative solutions.

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Brenntag Pharma is the preferred distribution partner in the pharmaceutical, veterinary and healthcare industries.

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