Personal Care Applications Lab

The dedication of the Brenntag Specialties' Personal Care Applications Laboratory, located at the Bethlehem, PA Commercial Offices, focuses on personal care formulations, while intending to promote new ideas and concepts as consumer demands change.

Christina Morgan, Personal Care Applications Manager, provides over 15 years of personal care formulation experience in color cosmetics, hair care and skin care. She brings with her exceptional skills and knowledge in creating prototype formulas and customer formulation solutions.

Natural cosmetics is a trend that will only grow in importance as consumers become more savvy about the ingredients they eat as well as what they put on their skin. Brenntag Specialties plans to be at the forefront of the natural market segment by offering customers novel natural ingredients and assistance in formulating with them. This fully equipped applications laboratory will focus on personal care formulations, while intending to promote new ideas and concepts as consumer demands change.

Primary Goals of this Lab

Our primary goals for this lab are to develop starting formulas for the skin care and hair care markets and to assist customers with existing formulas or the development of new formulas.

Personal Care Formulation Categories:

Customers may contact their local Sales Representative to discuss assistance from BSI in developing new formulas or assist in refining or re-formulating existing formulas. This service may help the chemist or formulator accelerate time to market of new products.

Special samples are prepared and offered to our customers.

Formulators interested in learning more about Brenntag’s expanded capabilities in North America, or obtaining samples, can contact their local Sales or Customer Service Representative.

Color Kit

Featured Products

Each year, Brenntag Specialties debuts new hair care, skin care, and color cosmetic kits at industry trade shows.

Featured on the right are examples of the Color Cosmetic Kits assembled by the Applications Lab. These prototype kits serve to showcase trends in the personal care market, as well as unique uses for ingredients sold by Brenntag Specialties.

Information about these prototype kits includes:

  • Each of the kits contains finished starter formulas that highlight ingredients from all of our suppliers.
  • Formulary cards for each prototype are included in the kit as well.
  • Prototypes are intended for use as starting formulas only and may be altered or modified as needed.
  • Prototypes undergo stability testing at 40OC for a period of three months.

In addition to prototype kits and formula cards, formulary sheets are available (in print and electronic versions) which place an emphasis on the new (or newer) ingredients which are used in any given formula.