ACES Applications Lab

Our ACES Applications Laboratory, located in North Wales, PA, focuses on ACES / Construction Industry formulations, while intending to promote new ideas and concepts as customer demands change.

Robert Souerwine, Technical Development Director - ACES / Construction oversees this facility with the help of two lab technicians. Mr. Souerwine provides over 20 years of ACES formulation experience. He brings exceptional skill and knowledge in polymer synthesis and starting formulations.

Our Goal is Twofold

“Our goal is twofold: to assist our customers in bringing new products to market faster in response to rapidly changing customer needs, and to promote unique ingredients from our specialty suppliers. We have established and will continue to develop strategic and exclusive relationships with premier vendors to the ACES market. We expect to grow successfully by investing in resources of value for our customers. Formulas created by the lab will showcase multiple suppliers with the aim towards providing a one-stop solution for customers,” Robert Souerwine, ACES Technical Manager.

The primary goals of the ACES Applications Lab are to:

  • develop starting formulas for the ACES (Adhesives, Coatings, Elastomer and Sealants) markets
  • assist customers with existing formulas or the development of new formulas

Customers may contact us to discuss assistance from BSI in developing new formulas or assist in refining or re-formulating existing formulas. This service may help the chemist or formulator accelerate time to market of new products. Our ACES lab is also uniquely capable of polymer synthesis to support new product development. Comparative evaluation samples are prepared and offered to our customers.

In addition to comparative test panels, formulary sheets are available (in print and electronic versions) which place an emphasis on the new (or newer) ingredients which are used in any given formula. It is the intent of BSI to produce starting formulas using unique products we represent in the market place.

Formulators interested in learning more about Brenntag’s expanded capabilities in North America, or obtaining samples, can contact their local Sales or Customer Service Representative.

Our Laboratory Can Provide

  • Plain Steel, Iron Phosphated Steel, Aluminum, Paper Chart and Concrete Comparative Test Panels
  • Leneta Anti-Sag Test and Opacity
  • Condensation Polymerization
  • Constant Temperature Viscosity (Brookfield RVT and LVT - mPAs, CPs and Stormer-Kreb Units)
  • Cross Hatch Adhesion
  • Addition Polymerization
  • Coating Film Thickness (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous)
  • Chemical Resistance Testing
  • UV Curing, Bake Cures
  • Hardness Testing (Pencil and Shore D)
  • Gloss (60O and 20O Geometry)
  • Gardner Color
  • Coating Weight/Gallon
  • High Speed Dispersion
  • Gel Timing
  • NYPC Leveling Test
  • Small Sample Sandmilling
  • B. K. Drying Recorder Test