Safety & Sustainability

At Brenntag, safety always comes first. Striving for zero accidents and incidents worldwide, we aim to set industry standards for safety measures. Brenntag employees are encouraged to be leaders in their respective roles, and take accountability for their work and decisions. Out of six core values, safety is number one and everything we do at Brenntag is derived from safety be our top priority.

Sustainable Products & Initiatives

By teaming with several leading suppliers, we offer customers a wide portfolio of sustainable products. Contact us for an extensive list of “green” alternative products.

In addition to our sustainable product portfolio, we have implemented several initiatives to aid in the reduction of our carbon footprint. Actions our company has taken in support of our commitment to sustainability include:

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Fuel Efficient Vehicle FleetSCR Truck Fleet
Drum & Tote Recycling ProgramsHybrid Vehicles Sales FleetWarehouse Consolidation
Efficient, Environmentally Safe Procedures for Waste DisposalMixed & Full Truck Load DeliveriesWarehouse Occupancy Motion Sensors
Facility Energy AuditsOffice Recycling ProgramsWater Additives

Safety First

At Brenntag we make safety our number one concern when it comes to handling and transporting products. We hold ourselves to an incredibly high standard of being incident free and keeping up-to-date on all industry standards across the globe.

We are committed to our Responsible Care/Responsible Distribution Program and our five step Brenntag approach.

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Sustainability at Brenntag

Brenntag is the global market leader in chemical distribution and has a central role in the chemical industry’s value chain. This role offers huge potential for Brenntag, but also entails an obligation to contribute towards greater sustainability in the industry. We are aware of our responsibilities towards the environment and society that come with our business activities and market position, and we aim to achieve sustainable value creation.

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