Material Science Industries

From polymers and lubricants to coatings and cleaning solutions, the tools and machines that power modern society and have a major effect on all aspects of our daily lives rely on pivotal components and finishing touches to get their job done right.

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Polymers, lubricants, and other industrial products frequently serve as the backbone of machines our present economy depends on. At the same time, coatings and cleaning make a substantial difference for our perception and user experience of many products. We understand the crucial role these various ingredients and applications play on a product’s performance and its reputation in the market.

Material Science at Brenntag has emerged as the industry’s number one partner when it comes to choosing a leading chemical distributor who understands their business needs. Brenntag Material Science, one of three divisions at Brenntag along with Life Science and Environmental, encompasses a range of business units that aim to deliver the most sophisticated services and products to our customers. By offering tailor-made solutions, a flexible supply-chain, and the best technical expertise in the industry, Brenntag Material Science ensures your business succeeds and stands out in this highly competitive industry.

Experience, Committed Sales & Technical Support Team

These business units contain an experienced team of account representatives and technical experts who consistently rank among the best in their respective fields. Our staff is committed to adding value to our customers and suppliers, regardless of the business challenge or application at hand. We aim to fulfill all your requirements by offering innovative and sustainable solutions, the widest range or products, and the most sophisticated technical expertise in the market.

Brenntag Materal Science is the partner of choice for customers and suppliers in the chemical indsutry.

Our Division at a Glance

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ACES stands for Adhesives, Coatings, Elastomers and Sealants.

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Engine Oil

Industrial Sales & Services

Our Industrial Sales & Services division provides chemicals for acids and lyes, salts, solvents and more.

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Rolls of White Paper

Pulp & Paper

We provide chemicals for bleaching, the environment, paper making and pulp preparation.

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Colorful Ceramic Tile


We provide raw materials used to produce items such as brick, dinnerware and roof tiles for the ceramic and refractory markets.

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Mining Site


We offer a broad line of chemical products as well as alliances with both local and internationally known suppliers.

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Products and services we offer include elastomers, fillers, plasticizers and dry liquids.

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Pieces of Wood


A few of our construction chemical offerings include powder additives, topcoats and sealer resins and liquid bonding agents.

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Oil Rig in Field

Oil & Gas

We are committed to fulfilling your individual needs in today's competitive and increasingly complex Oil and Gas markets.

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Surface Technology

We offer a comprehensive delivery program for ceramics, dental, glass, metal and more.

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Cleaning Product Assortment

Home Care

Achieve the precise results you want with an extensive range of cleaning products and services.

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Blue PVC Piping


Our comprehensive product portfolio provides solutions for engineering, high performance and standard polymers.

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Colorful Balls of Yarn


We offer a comprehensive range of products with advice on textile applications.

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