Sustainability Reporting

At Brenntag, sustainability is essential to the way we operate. The issues of safety, health and environmental protection are deeply embedded in our corporate culture, as cornerstones of our responsibility to our employees, customers and suppliers and also to the communities we operate in. We aim to use the resources available to us efficiently and sustainably.

Brenntag’s 2015 Sustainability Report focuses on sustainability issues associated with Brenntag’s day-to-day business and its portfolio of services: safety, efficient use of resources, supply chain responsibility, compliance and our relationship with our employees and with society at large. This report illustrates Brenntag’s commitment to sustainability in relation to this key subject areas. It describes management approaches, organizational structures and processes; selected case studies from the company’s regions provide an insight into its contribution at a practical level.

For Additional Information

Please visit our regional websites: Brenntag Asia-Pacific, Brenntag Europe, and Brenntag Latin America for more information on regional sustainability projects.

You can find further information about Brenntag’s sustainability strategy and download our sustainability reports from the Brenntag Group Sustainability Website.