For manufacturers of textile auxiliaries and technical textiles, Brenntag offers a comprehensive range of products together with advice on applications, including:

  • Acrylic dispersions for a wide variety of coating applications
  • Fluoropolymers for making textiles water and oil-repellent
  • Large number of other products such as acrylic monomers, biocides, epoxy resins, silanes, PU raw materials, activated carbon, and many more
  • Surfactants as wetting agents, as foaming components in coatings and as emulsifiers


We offer a wide variety of chemistries for the Textile Industry. Years of experience in this industry enables us to be your safest, most efficient, and environmentally sound choice for chemical solutions.

Our extensive product line and value added services extend a broad range of applications:

  • Hydrosulfite
  • Lubricants
  • pH Control
  • Solvents
  • Surfactants
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Defoamers
  • Flocculants
  • pH Control
  • Polymers

Product Offerings

The list below is a snapshot of the thousands of products we offer.

Acetic AcidMagnesium ChlorideSodium Acetate
Acetic AnhydrideMagnesium SulfateSodium Benzoate
Boric AcidMethyl AlcoholSodium Bicarbonate
Castor OilMethyl BenzoateSodium Hydrosulfite
Caustic Potash FlakeMineral OilsSodium Hydroxide
Caustic Soda BeadsMonotheanolamineSodium Hypochlorite
Celite 503Monosodium PhosphateSodium Metabisulfite
ChelatesNitric AcidSodium Nitrate
Citric AcidNitrosylsulfuric AcidSodium Nitrite
Coconut Fatty AcidOxalic AcidSodium Sulfate
DA-6Phosphoriy Acid 75%Sodium Thiosulfate
DicyandiamidePhosphoric AnhydrideSolvents
DiethanolaminePolyethylene GlycolSulfamic Acid
Diethylene GlycolPotassium BicarbonateSulfuric Acid
Disodium PhosphatePotassium Hydroxide 20%Surfactants
Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic AcidPotassium PersulfateTetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol
DowthermProcess OilsThiourea Dioxide
Ethylene GlycolPropylene GlycolTriethanolamine 99%
Formic AcidRhodocoat WAT 1Trisodium Phosphate Crystal
Formic Acid 90%Salt PelletsUrea
Hydrochloric AcidSilicaVersene
Hydrogen PeroxideSilicone FluidVirtex D
Hypophosphorous AcidSoda AshZinc Oxide