Brenntag Rubber offers its partners a level of expertise and a degree of customer service few competitors can match. Technicians and account managers are dedicated to your needs. They will work closely with you to find the perfect solution to challenges ranging from product and processing issues to shipping and packaging requests.

Orange Rubber Gloves

The products and services we offer include elastomers, fillers, plasticizers, and dry liquids for a number of applications:

  • General Rubber Goods
  • Latex Goods
  • Medical Parts
  • Rubber Compounds
  • Seals & Gaskets
  • Tires
  • Tubes & Hoses
  • Wires & Cables

Keeping you ahead of the curve on market trends

Choosing Brenntag as your chemical distributor means having the opportunity to take advantage of our team’s expertise and wealth of product and market knowledge. Our team members possess years of industry experience and will keep you ahead of the curve on new product innovations, upcoming market trends, and the latest industry-wide developments.

Brenntag Rubber also assists its partners with satisfying the industry’s most stringent technical, quality, and safety standards. We will work together closely to ensure all aspects of relevant industry legislation are successfully implemented.

Embracing an “act locally, think globally” philosophy

Our technicians and sales representatives serve as your single point of entry into the larger Brenntag organization, ensuring your company has access to a truly diverse range of products and services.

Brenntag Rubber embraces an “act locally, think globally” work philosophy, whereby our team members to become experts in their home region. At the same time, they are capable of utilizing our truly international network. That way, they can quickly respond to our customers’ needs and provide them with the best logistical, technical and supply-chain support throughout North America.