Corrosion Inhibitors

Tolyltriazoles (TTA), both in 50% sodium salt solution and in dry form, are commonly used as corrosion inhibitors for copper and copper-bearing alloys such as brass.

Corrosion Inhibitors are used in both open & closed recirculating cooling water treatment products. Benzotriazole (BZT) is a similar, but less common inhibitor. Sodium Molybdate is also used in cooling water treatment as a corrosion inhibitor. Molybdenum is used both as an inhibitor and as a trace chemical to monitor dosage measurements due to its yellow color.

Sodium Nitrite is another common metal corrosion inhitor for iron & steel and is typically used in closed-loop cooling water treatment products, such as chiller systems. (Other allied products which accompany these products are borates which act as buffers/stabilizers and have general cleaning attributes as well.)

Product CodeDescription
PC 488002Sodium Tolyltriazole, 50 % Liquid (GSO)
PC 804023Tolyltriazole, 99.5%, Dry (GSO)
PC 938191Benzotriazole, Flake
PC 182285Sodium Nitrite, Coated (GSO)
PC 410042Sodium Molybdate
PC 957816Borax 10 Mol Granular (Buffer)
PC 936757Sodium Tetraborate
PC 903319Hydroxyphosphonoacetic Acid (HPAA)