Biocides are used to inhibit the formation of, or kill existing biological growth (algae, bacteria, yeast, fungi, slime, etc.) within a cooling water system to keep systems clean and prevent biological fouling. Biological fouling may coat or clog internal heat transfer surfaces & slow water velocity which reduces cooling efficiency, and can also promote under-deposit corrosion.

Product CodeProductDescription
PC 73155AMA-215 Isothiazolin, 1.5%For use in industrial process water systems, recirculating water cooling towers, air washer systems, recirculating closed loop water cooling systems, evaporative condenser water systems
PC 342253 & PC 100470AMA-2515 Glutaraldehyde, 15% & AMA-2550 Glutaraldehyde, 50%For controlling slime-forming and sulfate-reducing bacteria, fungi, yeast and algae in air washers and industrial scrubbing systems; recirculating cooling and process water systems
PC 800822AMA-250 DBNPA, 20%To control coliform and other bacteria in publicly-owned treatment works; controls bacteria, fungi and yeasts in paper mills, metalworking fluids containing water, and enhanced oil recovery systems; controls bacteria, fungi, and algae in industrial recirculating water cooling towers, once-through fresh and sea water industrial cooling water systems, and reverse osmosis systems; controls slime-forming bacteria and fungi in air-washer systems. Reduces microbial contamination in wastewater, recycled process water, recycled products, recycled wastewater, equipment cleaning operations.
PC 858611AMA-210W MBT, 10%Relatively quick-kill biocide, with a 2 to 4 hours contact time. Excellent biocide for SRBs. The most effective use of MBT is often when blended with a quat.
PC 298119AMA-224 Dazomet, 24%Effective against filamentous bacteria, fungi & SRBs. Good for use in systems above 105F.
PC 30416 & PC 247396AMA-204 TBZ TriazineEffective against algae by blocking photosynthesis. Feed before algae bloom in conjunction with a halogen (Sodium or calcium hypochlorite, bromine, or Halogene T-30)
PC 147493Halogene T-30 BCDMHBromine/chlorine donor primarily used for controlling algal, bacterial and fungal slimes in recirculating cooling towers, lagoons, industrial air-washing systems, ornamental fountains, and air conditioning condensate systems.
PC 207750 & PC 365713Calcium HypochloriteVersatile, convenient chlorine donor more concentrated and more stable than sodium hypochlorite. NSF certified for potable municipal water applications and swimming pools & spas. Industrial applications including food & beverage, laundry, and CIP/disinfection.