Do you know why Brenntag North America is a top chemical and ingredient solutions distributor in the United States? Let us tell you!

Distribution is only one facet of our business

Sure, we have an exceptional distribution model with more than 190 distribution locations across the United States and Canada, but we also offer over 10,000 products, a world-class supplier base, and innovative technical solutions capable of exceeding your expectations.

Brenntag North America offers one-stop-shop solutions to around 40,000 customers. This means customers know they are going to get everything they need in a United States chemical company from Brenntag North America, and it’s why more distributors around the country and the world are looking to work with Brenntag.

Customers choose us for our value-added services, and you won’t get them from other chemical distributors in the United States. Services include just-in-time delivery, product mixing, formulation, custom packaging, and inventory management.

Perhaps it’s our commitment to ConnectingChemistry, building relationships among customers and chemical suppliers in the United States. At Brenntag North America, we believe being the leading chemical and ingredient distributor in the United States is a serious responsibility. Part of the way we honor that responsibility is by working to make a connection with every chemical and ingredient supplier we work with, so we know they understand how to use our products to service their customers.

Our commitment is to help every supplier deliver the right product, package, and quantity on time, at the right price, every time.

Part of our success may come from our commitment to a better way of life. We’re more than just a bulk chemical and ingredient distributor. We care about providing innovative solutions to change the world.

That’s why we provide the means to purify drinking water, compound medicines to treat a wide variety of health conditions, generate sustainable, healthier food options, and use cleaner fuel that’s better for the environment. We know chemicals and ingredients used correctly can be one of the most beneficial types of technology the world can benefit from, and that’s why we do what we do.

While we love to bring the beneficial effects of our products to a multitude of people as a leading bulk chemical and ingredient distributor in the United States, we know our clients have businesses of their own to worry about. That’s why Brenntag North America offers industrial and specialty raw materials structured to boost your business as chemical and ingredient supplier in the United States. When you succeed, we succeed. In service of this goal, we offer competitive prices, comprehensive technical support, high-quality products, on-time delivery, modern facilities, and unforgiving quality assurance.

Because we have such a wide selection of raw materials, we expect to be the only chemical and ingredient distributor you need. This means greater efficiency for your company, as you can be a one-stop chemical and ingredient supplier in the United States.

Building relationships, making a better world and helping businesses succeed. Now that's ConnectingChemistry.

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Did you know Brenntag all started with an egg? Watch the story of Brenntag now or read about our history.

Over the last 100 years, Brenntag has become the leading chemical and ingredient solutions distributor in the United States and Canada.

Speak with a member of our team to discuss our products and services, and ask us why we are the only distributor you’ll ever need.

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What do you know about our Visions and Values?

2020 Vision

Our "2020 Vision" serves as a common guideline, which illustrates how we will position ourselves in the chemical distribution market in the long term in order to continue our successful development. It covers the following points:

  • We are the safest chemical distributor striving for zero accidents and incidents.
  • Throughout the world, we connect our customers and suppliers by providing the most effective industry channel.
  • We are the global market leader in all our chosen markets and industries, offering the most professional sales & marketing organization in the industry, ensuring consistently high standards every day, everywhere.
  • We strive to provide a working environment where the best people want to work.
  • We generate sustainable and high returns for our shareholders and other stakeholders.
Brenntag's Core Values

Our Values

Brenntag’s success is founded on our company’s unwavering commitment to our core values. All of our business activities and our relationships with our business partners are defined by the six values which set us apart from our competitors and help us deliver the best performance possible to our partners.

At Brenntag, safety always comes first. Striving for zero accidents and incidents worldwide, we aim to set industry standards for safety measures. Brenntag employees are encouraged to be leaders in their respective roles who take accountability for their work and decisions. Our employees take ownership of their work, and as such bring a high level of engagement and involvement to their business relationships.

We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business to remain on top. To that end, we conduct all matters with the utmost degree of integrity and responsibility. We would not be the world’s leading chemical distributor if we did not make a meaningful impact to our business partners, and as such, we strive to create the highest possible value for our partners, regardless of the task at hand.

When we think of our business, we need to ask ourselves two questions: How can we help our business partners to succeed – today and in the future? What is the benefit for our partners working with us? Our strap line “ConnectingChemistry” is the ultimate answer to both of these questions.

Brenntag strives to be the industry’s most effective and preferred channel partner. Our industry and customer-focused approach to chemical distribution builds on connecting customers and suppliers in a winning partnership. Always being committed to our partners’ success, we serve as their extension, sharing our intelligence on markets, industries and applications. We support them in reacting flexibly to ever-changing market conditions and help them focus on their core business by managing their complexity. We are the only chemical distributor which complements a broad global network with outstanding local execution. Brenntag is there for its partners – anytime, anywhere.

Brenntag is truly a “people’s business”. Everything we achieve as a business is accomplished with and through our employees. They are the connection between our business partners. They connect people and build relationships.

We demonstrate that the distribution of chemicals and ingredients is not just a business for us. It is an attitude. And our passion is to be the best partner connecting you as our customers and suppliers in local markets worldwide.

The “ConnectingChemistry” Campaign – Focusing on Employees

“ConnectingChemistry”, our company slogan, reflects Brenntag’s day-to-day business and emphasize Brenntag’s center position in the value chain. Day in, day out, the global Brenntag employees connect customers and suppliers, thus forming a hub for expertise and knowledge in the many different areas of chemical distribution. This is why we are dedicating our “ConnectingChemistry” campaign to our more than 14,000 employees, making them the focus of the communication campaign with the motto “I’m ConnectingChemistry”.

After all, it’s our employees who shape the image the world has of Brenntag. And who could tell the Brenntag story better than they can themselves? Over the coming weeks and months, more and more employees from all regions and industrial sectors will be telling their own personal “ConnectingChemistry” story right here. Over time, their contributions will form an increasingly full picture of Brenntag.

“ConnectingChemistry is an integral part of our corporate culture. Therefore, I believe it is really important we put people at the center point of our communication as they are all making these important connections on a daily basis and are the face of Brenntag to the outside world.” - Steve Holland, CEO, Brenntag AG

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"Connecting even the smallest customer with the world." - Aafke Dijksma, Operations Manager (Brenntag Netherlands)

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“I fly the extra mile for our customers." - Jon Birrell, Head of Key Accounts Team (Brenntag EMEA)

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"I'm proud to connect different worlds." - Nguyen Thuy Diem Phuong, Seinor Lab Technician (Brenntag Vietnam)

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„Connecting all aspects of sustainability is in my DNA,” Marco Riquelme Plant Supervisor, Santiago Brenntag Chile.

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Managing for Success

Meet the Brenntag North America executive management team, striving to connect customers and suppliers in winning partnerships across the United States and Canada.

Meet the Management Team

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Brenntag North America


Brenntag North America, headquartered in Reading, PA, is part of the Brenntag Group.

Brenntag is proud to be the global market leader in full-line ingredient and chemical distribution and your first choice for solutions to your product needs. Our company is dedicated to:

  • Providing responsible distribution of raw materials and services
  • Maintaining integrity in our business transactions
  • Creating long-lasting relationships with customers and suppliers
  • Keeping in mind the best interests of our employees and the public

Each of our business entities and employees are responsible to act in strict compliance with the laws, policies, and regulations that govern our organization. Our Business Principles outline the expectations we expect our customers and suppliers will receive when conducting business with our company.

The phrase GLOCAL® accurately depicts what our company is all about. This term simply means we are a global organization with a local point of view.

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The German based international company manages complex supply chains for both chemical and ingredient manufacturers and consumers by simplifying market access to thousands of products and services. It combines a global network with outstanding local execution, making Brenntag the industry’s most effective and preferred channel to market for partners. Every day we live our philosophy: “ConnectingChemistry”.

Brenntag operates a global network with more than 550 locations in 74 countries. With its global workforce of about 15,000 employees, the company generated sales of EUR 10.5 billion (USD 11.6 billion) in 2016.

Our business goes far beyond sheer distribution by:

  • connecting chemical and ingredient manufacturers and users in value-added partnerships
  • supporting customers and suppliers with tailor-made solutions, including specific application technology, extensive technical support, just-in-time delivery, product mixing, formulation, custom packaging, inventory management, and drum return handling
  • offering a full-line portfolio with over 10,000 products and a world-class supplier base
  • serving as a one-stop-shop to over 185,000 customers active in diverse end-market industries, such as coatings, food, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, personal care, and water
  • maintaining long-standing experience in individual countries and local excellence through a sales and marketing organization of more than 5,000 experts
  • managing the business regionally, holding leading market positions across Europe, North America, and Latin America, while continuously expanding our presence in the Asia Pacific region
  • setting safety standards within the industry by operating with a “safety first” policy
  • striving to contribute towards greater sustainability in all industries and applications

Brenntag is led by an experienced Board of Management combining decades of expertise in the chemical and ingredient distribution and manufacturing sector. Since March 29, 2010, Brenntag AG (WKN A1DAHH) is listed at the German Stock Exchange in the Prime Standard Segment, since June 21, 2010 as a member of the MDAX index.