Brenntag Southwest

Our goal is to be our customers' supplier of choice. We strive to anticipate, recognize and respond promptly to our customers' needs. At Brenntag Southwest, you will receive timely, accurate order processing and delivery from our conscientious personnel.

Brenntag Southwest delivers added value to our customers through economical products and services, high standards, quality assurance, and meticulous attention to detail. Our satisfied customers are the foundation of our success as we advance to the forefront of our industry.

As part of our comprehensive safety program, we advise you of potential dangers and environmental hazards and recommend proper handling, transportation and storage procedures associated with our products. The professional staff at Brenntag Southwest know and understand that a successful business is built on customer satisfaction. Our service objectives include:

  • Providing technical support, analytical and engineering services
  • Delivering products which consistently meet or exceed expectations
  • Providing value added, quality service
  • Assisting our customers in training personnel in safety and regulatory issues

In keeping with the company’s strong position in world markets, Brenntag is committed to providing value to its customers and suppliers through superior supply chain logistics, single sourcing, technical assistance and other value added services. Brenntag offers an unrivalled, extensive and state-of-the-art distribution network for industrial and specialty chemicals to its suppliers and customers alike throughout the world.

What makes us different

The unique capabilities of Brenntag Southwest listed below are how we differentiate oureselves.

  • DEF Dilution System (Dallas, TX & San Antonio, TX)
  • ICP Metal Analyizer (Greens Bayou, TX)
  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified
  • AIB Certified
  • Waste management including transportation
  • Dedicated Electronics Grade (Dallas, TX)
  • Blend Polymers (Nowatta, OK & Greens Bayou, TX)
  • Mixing and blending capabilities for liquid and dry products
  • Vendor managed inventory solutions for Oil Field Service Companies